Saturday, June 30, 2012

So It Begins!

So It Begins!
We found our new property online, like the others, and again, bought it sight unseen. We had planned on our Kentucky home being our final place to retire, but the humidity is killing us. The constant change in barometric pressure gives me migraines, and the humidity is really messing with our joints. Getting older and getting achy may be normal, but there's age-induced and environment-induced. We can only ease the former, but we can certainly actively do something about the latter. And so we are. And at our ages (I'm 52 and hubby's 59) we choose to do something about it while we still can! LOL

In the previous post I showed pictures of our first Kansas property. In the tab bar above, the 2012 tab has all of the pictures that were sent to us for the property we will now be renovating. The pictures in the header show them shortly after they were built in the 1940's (still don't know the date yet, but I will once we move out there and do some research.)

We printed out the aerial of the property from Google Maps and have already designed the fence lines for the horses, chickens and, most importantly the dogs.
Here's is our planned finished property set-up - but as we all know, things tend to change....often! LOL
This picture shows where the horse shed is in the pasture along the central dividing fence, the chicken pens & houses immediately next to that. The green box at the bottom is the carport. Behind the church (the large rectangular area) is the greenhouse, garden, beehive and propane tank (behind the greenhouse). Next to the church and in front of the greenhouse, in the corner of the fences, is Nici's cage. She's our Blue & Gold Macaw - and she loves being in her 5' x 10' cage all day everyday when it's not too cold (or too hot). 

Meet Nici. These were taken 4 years ago. I just had to put her up on the fence with the Autumn trees in the background, because the gold leaves matched her feathers. She had fun inspecting the new (temporary) perch.

So, back to the placement descriptions: The small green rectangle at the top center is hubby's machine shop (LOL formerly a "brick shit house"!) and the last green box just below the shop is the one room schoolhouse. And that's it - for now! As I said, things always have a way of changing, and once we're actually out there working on the place, I'm sure we'll have numerous changes to make! LOL

But most of it will have to wait until our property in Kentucky sells. The roof will go on the church immediately so as to keep it from obtaining any further damage, which luckily is quite minimal according to the roofer we had go out, take a look, and get us a quote for a metal roof. A nice teal metal roof over that terra cotta colored brick will look great! The trim will probably be cream, and the exterior doors in teal. But so far, that's as far as we've gotten. And that's quite likely to change! :D

So that's what we have so far. Check back every now & then to see what's new. I'll be updating when ever something happens, regardless how small or seemingly insignificant.

Have a great day and many Blessings!


  1. That is a huge building! You're remodeling this church building to be a house? I seems like it would cost a fortune. Good luck to you; this is quite a project to take on.

  2. LOL Yes, it is definitely a huge building! Thankfully, the only real work will be having the roof replaced and the sanctuary's ceiling. Both jobs will be contracted out. The other rooms will be kept intact but just turned into bedrooms or what ever. The kitchen & bathroom are already there (downstairs in the basement hall), so we just have to make sure the plumbing is still good.

    And yes, quite a project, but living in a schoolhouse or church has always been our dream, and here we can live in either one!