Saturday, June 30, 2012

We Love Kansas So We're Moving Back

We Love Kansas So We're Moving Back
We were living in Texas, but loved Kansas. So when we found a property we liked, we bought it sight unseen. It was 19 acres with an awesome 104 year old 2-story Fence Post Limestone farmhouse. But during renovations it burned down completely. I mean there was nothing left but the rock walls! The fire was so hot it melted the aluminum window frames down to nothing, and the entire inside structure was nothing but ash & rubble. I'd never seen anything like it!

It was 20 miles from anywhere in the middle of fields and hills. The house itself was situated in a deep valley, sitting along a watershed. (Later found out that it tends to flood sometimes! ooops!)

Here are some of the "before" pictures of that cool old farmhouse:

Check out this design! I've never seen anything like it before.

This was at the top of the door sills. Such interesting detail!


Love the deep windows - it also shows how thick the walls were!

Now for the "after" pictures - you're going to flip!

Re-building wasn't an option - obviously, so we decided to move east to Kentucky to be closer to family who were in Georgia, my sons and hubby's sister. My sons have since moved back to Florida and we want his sister closer so we can help her out (we're not getting any younger, you know!) (We also bought the Kentucky property sight unseen!)

So, we decided a year ago that we wanted to move back to Kansas, and thus the search began. Again. We put our place on the market, have had 2 buyers but each time the sale fell through. The most recent time being just this past week. And as a result we were afraid we'd lose out on our dream property: 3.58 acres with a 1940's brick church and one room schoolhouse! We've always wanted to live in a renovated school or church - and this property has both!

But I'll save that for the next post!


  1. What a tragedy! What caused the fire?

  2. It was electrical. Apparently, since the house had sat empty for over 3 years, rodents had moved in and chewed wires but we didn't know it. We were there working and hubby had been flipping switches trying to find what worked where. We figured that what happened was one of the "non-working" lights actually was and sparked and started the fire. That's all we could figure out that it could've been, but I guess we'll really never know exactly.