Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finally Got the Deed

Finally Got the Deed
We finally received the deed to the property in the mail. We actually had to call to have them send it to us! Hubby called and "miraculously" they had "just received it and will send it right out". But they had to search for the file to verify our address. Duh. LOVE competency, don't you?

I'm going to visit a friend in TN tomorrow. We rented a car for a week, so hubby will take a trip out to take a look at the property (as well as his sister's Victorian house that we bought for her). She's so excited about getting out there. LOL So are we. God, I wish this place would sell!

We're doing some renovations downstairs in the shop and enclosing it with a ceiling, which will be the floor for the apartment upstairs. This should add to the sell-ability of the place....and add a nice chunk to the bottom line as well! Doing the renovations until the place sells beats sitting around waiting and wishing it would sell!

Other than this, nothing else is new. I'll post new pics when hubby returns from his trip out to KS. Wish I could go as well, but with the chickens, horses, dogs, birds...well, that would be impossible! Maybe some day I'll make a trip out there by myself and leave hubby here to tend to the "family". :)

Either way, I'm so excited about getting closer & closer to getting moved!

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