Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ideas & Plans Abound!

Ideas & Plans Abound!
With all of the stuff left in the buildings, I can't wait to get started going through it all! In the pictures we can only see clearly that which is closest to the camera. I can only imagine what's not visible!

I've been going through sites & blogs of those who've made things using the "reduce, reuse, recycle" concept. I've posted links down on the right under "Other Great Blogs!", as well as put some of their badges to the right. Be sure to check them out, they really have some great ideas!

Hubby's idea is to scoop it all up and haul it to the dump! NOT if I have anything to say about it! There's a huge pile of old wood that I can't wait to go through to find pieces that are perfect for projects. In fact, I have one in mind already, but it's contingent upon there being enough good wood.

I'm planning on bringing some of the old barn wood we have here on our KY property, from our 100 yo tobacco barn. I want to make a large farmhouse table with it. Combining it with some of the wood from the new property will give it lots of character and meaning.

There are soooo many creative people online and I'm having sooo much fun browsing their sites for ideas. I hope some day to be able to share some of my projects as well.

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