Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OK, It's Decided

OK, It's Decided
We're going with the fiberglass shingle roof (Classic Weathered Wood).

We loaded up all the dogs for a "bye-bye" and drove around town today looking at roofs. While the newer metal roofs looked good, the older ones were faded, dented, and really didn't look very attractive. Granted we have no idea how old those roofs are, but we really want something that is long-lasting & durable. We don't want to have to replace it.

So, we decided on the shingles in that very classy looking "Classic Weathered Wood". It will look great on the church roof - and eventually the schoolhouse roof and the shop.

Once our place here sells, then we'll have the schoolhouse roof put on, and then after hubby redesigns the shop roof to extend out over a concrete pad in front of the shop (i.e. the former "brick shit house") is when that roof will be applied.

Oh, and here's the "bye-bye" crew:

Gris-Gris (pronounced gree-gree):

This is hubby's dog, but she's a Mama's Girl. Fat & squishy, she's awesome to cuddle up with. Just don't let her sit on you! OMG!


This guy is my buddy! We go on walks together as often as possible.

Ve'Ve' (pronounced vay-vay):

Ve'Ve' is Gris-Gris & Hoodoo's daughter. She & JuJu (and 9 other siblings) were born on my 50th birthday! Awesome present!


JuJu was the first born of the litter and is our "special" guy. He's crippled in all 4 legs. His back right leg is dislocated (vet tried to fix it, but it didn't heal back), his front legs are missing the foreleg bones, and the back left leg is stunted. But he is unbelievably strong, runs around without a problem, plays hard and is a spoiled rotten brat. And he's the one that runs shit around here!

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