Monday, July 2, 2012

Quote for the New Roof

Quote for the New Roof
Well we got the quote for the new roof. So now we have to choose whether we want a strong teal metal roof or a very strong (lifetime warranteed) fiberglass reinforced shingle roof.

This is the teal color for the metal roof:

And this is the fiberglass reinforced shingle color, called Classic Weathered Wood:

Decisions, decisions!

Each has it's own benefits: 
1) The metal roof is less expensive (so we can have all the roofs done at the same time), quickly installed, far fewer pieces to install.
2) The shingle roof is quite expensive (so we would have to hold off on the schoolhouse roof), very strong and durable, comes with a lifetime warranty.

My personal choice is the teal - because I looooovvvvvve color! And its durability is more than all we need for our lifetime. The only problem being that the color may eventually begin to be less vibrant and thus may have to be replaced. The shingle roof will stay perfect long after we're dead & gone! LOL That sounds bad! How about, "it will stay perfect long after we pass it on to the family member we decide to leave it to"? Yeah, that's better. LOL

So that's all that's new at the moment. More later, once there's more to share!


  1. To make your decision easier, I’ll just ask you something. Do you experience high winds in your area? If you do, then I suggest that you go for a metal roof as this roof can withstand higher mile winds compared to composite shingles. On the other hand, if you want to have algae-resistant shingles, and a fire resistant roof, then go for a composite shingle roof. It's better if you weigh your options first before deciding which of these roofing materials you would use.

    Chantay Smithingell

  2. Yes, there are the winds to factor in, which we have. But in the long run metal roofs, while strong, and beautiful when first installed, age quickly and look shabby in less than 5 years, awful in 10 years. Fading being the biggest detriment, and no way to paint it to make it look better. In 20-30 yrs it would look hideous.

    The shingles will never fade, are strong and very durable and if a few need replacing here & there over the years due to wind, it is certainly considerably less expensive than replacing the entire thing every 5-10 years just to keep the metal looking "nice".

  3. Those two are entirely different. They both look nice, though. I guess it will depend on how you want your house to look like. Do you want a modern and chic house, or a traditional, classic one? You should also check your budget. If you can't afford the shingles, which are usually more expensive, the metal roof would be a better choice.

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  4. There is nothing wrong with a roof investment that's a little more expensive if it comes with a lifetime warranty. Installing a cheaper roof that has no guarantee or whatsoever will hurt your pocket a lot more in the future especially if you live in a place that is prone to extreme weather conditions.

    Terence Watthens

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  6. Thank you for your replies. As an update, the high winds out here have caused some havoc with the shingles and have had to have more than a few replaced - twice now. If we have to call them again (and we're sure we will, considering the number we saw flapping around loosely up there, then the contractors will have the manufacturer (which is here in KS) come out and replace the entire roof. Personally, we wish they'd just DO that, as we're tired of finding shingles all over the church yard! :)