Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roofing Ordered!

Woohoo! We've signed the work order contract and are on the list to have the roof put on. The roofers are about 4 weeks out and then it begins.

I've asked them to please save the wood shingles because I can re-use them in sooo many other projects - the greenhouse & hen houses especially. If there are enough good ones I may even be able to sell some of them....and they can sell for a pretty penny! Plus there are so many things still in the buildings that can be salvaged, used, or sold.

If we could just sell this place we could get out there and begin working on our final home! (I refuse to move, ever again!)



  1. Good luck on building the new roof, Viktorija! Good thing you told the roofers to save those wood shingles, since they can still be used for other things. But if you can sell them along with other things, like in a garage sale or something, which would fine too. The money you get from selling them would be pretty useful if you want to do some additional roofing.

    Allyson Sunde

  2. I know it’s late to comment something about this blog post. The thing here is that when ordering a roof, it’s very crucial to know what type of roof you’re going to use for one building. Next, know the company’s services and get a quote for everything. I do hope that my comment will help you. Cheers!
    - Saundra Wordlaw

  3. Moving to a new home is truly quite a bother but if you’re moving to a better home, it would all be worth it in the end. Anyway, I think it’s a good thing that you decided to recycle your old shingles for your future projects. It would save you some money, or you could sell them and earn from it too. I do hope your new roof turned out okay as well.

    Allyson Duguay