Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Rant: Roof Delay ~ Found Another Roofer

A Rant: Roof Delay ~ Found Another Roofer
Nothing is worse than a company that is incapable of following through as they promise.

Almost 7 weeks ago we signed the contract for the roof and sent them payment. We were told that as soon as they received the contract (we emailed it back immediately) they would order the materials, which would take about 3 weeks to come in, and then the roof would be done shortly thereafter.

When we called them last week their cell phone always had a busy signal. Seriously? Cell phones don't have busy signals, unless they have an app for calls they don't want to take. Pathetic. 

When we emailed them they never answered that either. Nothing whatsoever.

So hubby called the office and spoke with the office manager and told her to have the salesman call. Two days later he still hadn't so hubby called again, and left another message. The salesman was "unavailable at the moment". 

Three days later the office manager calls back and says that the salesman had just left for the day (it wasn't even 10 am). He couldn't call himself prior to leaving? Seriously? Pathetic. Anyway, the message from the salesman was that the materials weren't in yet (we'd gotten an email on 8/3 that they'd been ordered that day - 18 days after receiving payment, 22 days after receiving the contract). It would be "sometime after that" that the roof would be done.

Sorry, not good enough.

So hubby called another roofer, the receptionist said she'd give the message to a sales rep and have him call. He called less than 5 minutes later and said he would go out to the property immediately and get back with us when he got there. And he did.

He said he'd send us the quote tomorrow. We fully expect to receive it as he said. He also knew immediately who we were dealing with when hubby explained the problems we were having. Apparently it is modus operandi for that company! (For those in Kansas, that fail company is Roofmasters - don't use them!)

This new company said they could have the materials in a week and the job done within 2 weeks after. THAT is how a business should be run!

So now we have the fun of waiting for the other company (Roofmasters) to refund our money so we can get the other company to do the job.

I think one of my biggest pet peeves is when a business is so lax and who-cares in the way they treat their customers. Until retiring I'd always been self-employed and I absolutely never forgot that "the customer is always right" and did everything I could to make sure they were satisfied. Over 25 years in business and 3 very different businesses, thus very different clientele, I have a very good idea how a business should be run and its employees should conduct themselves. Roofmasters needs a few instructions on all of it. We will never recommend them to anyone. We will steer them away. And I hope more people do the same.

Ok, I'm done ranting. Hopefully the next time I post it will be that the roof is complete!

Oh, we also decided on a different shingle. Less expensive, and it doesn't have the extra benefits of the Solaris, but it's a very nice looking shingle, strong, and it will look really nice on the church.

Heritage: Thunderstorm Grey


  1. I hope you manage to get a refund from the first company. If they're that flaky, it might be difficult.

  2. I know, we're a bit worried about that! I guess we'll find out today how "honest" they are. Keeping the fingers crossed! :)

  3. Well, I hope that your roofing woes are all settled, and you are now enjoying a home with a sturdy and reliable roof. It is really hard to contemplate a home without a proper roof, since it is your home’s first line of defense from harsh weather and other elements. If you are still on the lookout for roof contractors, you can ask some of your nearby friends and get some recommendations. Or you can scout the Internet for some builders. Just don’t forget to check their credentials and ask important questions like their time table. [Tisa See]

  4. You shouldn’t have sent any payments without the contract being signed, sealed, and delivered. This is to ensure that you have a legal basis to have the work done according to the agreement that you and the roofing company made. It’s not just about making sure you get the service you deserve; it’s also about the roofing company making sure it gets the right amount for services rendered.

    Sierra Nordgren

  5. It’s always important to do a background check on the roofing company you’re about to hire. See to it that their references are promising. Make sure that everything is settled before making a down payment. We all make mistakes and I do hope you learned from it. Cheers!
    - Lino Kosters

  6. They're a reputable company that does excellent work, just known for over-extending themselves. We happened to have been caught up in one of those times. But, if you've read further, you'll see that we have a roof, and we are now (months later) finally here.

    Thank you for you input, and have a blessed day! :)

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