Monday, August 13, 2012

Hubby's at the Property Now

Hubby's at the Property Now
Well, he arrived about 1:30 am and slept in the back of the Expedition (we'd made a bed in the back with a futon mattress for him to sleep on).

He said that I will be in heaven because it is pitch black out there at night! Awesome! The stars will be so easy to see. And the Milky Way. I just might have to get myself a telescope!

He also said there are sure to be lots of "boogers" out there to get us. LMAO rolls eyes Hubby gets the willies easily! LOL

He called me when he got up (about 8:20 am) and began his walk-through of the property. We were very happily surprised that the cell phones were working out there! Woohoo! I was thinking I wouldn't get to hear about the place until he went into town. Instead, I got to "walk" with him as he described everything he was seeing. 

Ooooo, the goodies to be found! I can't wait for my trip out there after he gets back. We had to take separate trips because of the dogs, the birds, and the chickens (the horses are fine w/o us for a few days). We didn't want to have to board any of the dogs, and traveling with birds is a pain in the ass. And, the chickens need to be fed everyday, as well as locked in at night and let out in the morning. So both going at one time just wasn't an option.

So, anyway, while walking in what will be the horse pasture, he found a pet cemetery with 4 headstones with the pets' names on them: Boomer, Poo, Babe, Kit. Awesome! So, we're going to put a nice fence around the area so the horses can't mess with them. I think I may bury some of Czar's ashes there as well. (Czar was our White Doberman that was killed the day we were leaving to move to Kentucky). Here's a picture of Czar:

RIP Czar: 9/29/2002 - 9/6/2008

Another really awesome find - and in a very weird place - was a child-size casket. Hubby found it at the top of the bell tower....??? Go figure. I mean, what on Earth was it doing up there? I told him he absolutely has to bring that back home with him! I want to see that in person, asap! LOL Yes, I'm a bit "weird". He said the velvet needs to be replaced - not a problem - and the wood needs to be refurbished - also not a problem, and it should be beautiful again. Apparently it still has the casket manufacturer's label still on it.

When I go out I'll be taking pictures of things he wouldn't have found interesting. Such as the plants, the architecture, and other things that catch my interest. I'll also be bringing back things he never would. He's all for throwing everything out. I on the other hand, have plans for so much of what he would consider "junk".

The brick shit-house apparently really stinks!! Oh, big surprise there! NOT! LOL We'll be filling it with rocks & debris, then filling with concrete and resealing the floor with a pouring of concrete to bring it level. That was going to be his machine shop, but he feels it will be too small, so it's MY storage building for all my goodies. You know, all the things he would throw away, but I know I can use! :D 

Oh, the plans that are whirling around in my head right now!
Hubby is now on his way to his sister's new place that we bought for her. A huge Victorian home on 4 acres (only $9,000!). It needs paint on the exterior and some minor cosmetic work inside, but otherwise it's perfect! Here's a picture of my SIL's new house:

LOL Hideous turquoise that will be changed to yellow once they move out there. They're in the same boat we are - can't move until their property sells. She'll be excited to see more detailed pictures though, rather than the few that we currently have. The architecture inside is incredible! Here are a couple of samples:

Isn't this built-in beautiful?! Love it!
Those glass doors allow access from the other room as well, a pass-through - how cool!

 Check out the detail around and at the top of the doorways! Love the oval in the front door too!

Anyway, if I learn anything new today, I'll update. If not, then I'll post pictures when I return.


  1. No light pollution in the sky is going to be awesome! If you have a smartphone, Google SkyMap is a great app--point it at the sky and it tells you what you're looking at. Czar was a beautiful dog. He reminds me of my son's dog Ivan, who's a Fawn Doberman. Such great dogs.

  2. "No night pollution" - I like that! Perfect description too! LOL I don't have a SmartPhone - yet, but I just might have to insist by the time we finally get moved out there! Wow, I had forgotten about that SkyMap app. I'd seen the commercial and thought it was a great thing to have. Now, I think I just might have to have one! (LOVE technology and all the gadgets we have today!)

    Thank you for Czar's compliment. We miss him everyday - even 4 yrs later. And yes, Dobie's are great dogs. I'd always had them until he passed and I just couldn't get over it. Plus, hubby likes Pit Bulls so we got one. Then I fell in love with a Boxer who wouldn't let me leave the flea market without him. Those 2 mated and now we have 2 of their pups (who are almost 2 yrs old now). The family's big enough now, so they're (the females are) all fixed!