Friday, August 3, 2012

Ooo, Goodie! The Roof is Going on Soon!

Ooo, Goodie! The Roof is Going on Soon!
We got an e-mail this morning that the materials will be delivered and the roof renovations will begin by mid-August! Woohoo! It's going to look sooo nice!

We're going to go out for our first look at the place, probably next week. I can't wait to get my own pictures of everything. Never mind getting to go through all that stuff in those buildings! I am such a hound for scrounging through old buildings for left-over things! It's incredible the things I've found over the years. I feel that the things left behind feel lost until they're taken again and given new life. Rotting into the ground is such an ugly way to end existence - even for inanimate objects.

The trip out there should be interesting. Gris-Gris & Hoodoo will be boarded (not happy about that) and Ve'Ve' & JuJu will go with us. As will Nici, our Macaw. As for Thor, the little Robin I raised, well he's still coming around for his feedings and he doesn't like to be out in the big scary darkness, so he spends his nights in the house. I'm not sure what to do about him - take him with or leave him here to fend for himself for a few days? I'd just die of guilt if anything happened to him!

Well, that's about it for now. When we get back I'll be posting pictures for sure!

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