Friday, August 17, 2012

Staying Home & Getting Things Done

Staying Home & Getting Things Done
I decided that the money it would cost for me to take my trip out to the property could be better spent working on the shop downstairs, getting it enclosed and less "barn-like" looking. Which should make it easier to sell. Hopefully.

Yes, I'm more than a little disappointed about not going. I'd love to see all of it myself. Never mind digging through all of that "stuff" all by myself! I would've separated out what I considered salvageable or re-usable and made sure hubby didn't decided otherwise! LOL To him if it's not in perfect condition, it's not worth using. Throw it away.

Yeah, throw it away, like all of the bicycle rims he found in the schoolhouse basement closet! Well, I knew I could find a use for some of them. And I was right! Check this out:

How cool is that? A perfect trellis for vining vegetables! 

As an architectural interest, you could connect them end-to-end in rows and connect the rows for a border fence. Granted, not one to keep anything out per se, but definitely would look pretty with vining plants growing all over it! Attached to a lean-to support, it would make a good cucumber or squash trellis. Heavier hanging fruits & vegetables would need a bit more support, but the same trellis formation of bike rims could be used, just have cross-bracing where the rims come together, or attach the rims to each side of the boards, with the rims in between. Lots of options, you just have to see what works best for you.

Another use could be to connect 3 with long wooden stakes. Screw the rims to the stakes at about 12" intervals, leaving the stakes long enough (at least 12", maybe longer) to be shoved into the ground. This would be a good tomato plant support.

These are just a few ideas. I'm sure I'll come up with many more once I get my hands on everything that's just waiting for me out there!

But in the mean time, we'll plug along working on the downstairs. And with luck someone will just drop by because they saw the ad for the property and will be buyers not shoppers. We had shoppers drop by a couple of days ago. Would've been nice if they were buyers. We are sooooo ready to go!

Soon though, I'm sure. Soon.


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