Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Sad "Welcome" & Some Fun News

A Sad "Welcome" & Some Fun News
We got an e-mail last week from the previous owner that a friend of his, who lives out near our property, was driving by and noticed that the door to the schoolhouse was open. He stopped in and closed it, then notified G.G. about the break-in. G.G. then drove out and propped a heavy bucket behind the door so the wind wouldn't blow it open.

So, we have roofers come out. We're not there. Obviously it's an absentee-owner owned property. So why not see what there is to take?! Unbelievable. They broke the door jam to get in. Whether anything was taken remains to be seen as we won't be able to get out there again until we get our place in KY sold. "NOT HAPPY" is an understatement. We don't know who did it, but it certainly felt like a pathetic way of introducing themselves to us. I'd love to find out who it was. I would definitely press charges for breaking & entering.

Granted, hubby says there's nothing of value inside, but that's beside the point as far as I'm concerned. There are things in there that I have crafty little plans for, and with luck those things are and will still be there. 

I am sooo ready to move! LOL It's fun making plans in my head and on paper and on the computer, but I'm ready to begin implementing them!

We recently acquired a couple of pigs, so if we keep them they'll be moving with us....adding to our menagerie. Technically, we now officially have a "hobby farm"! Sounds good anyway. LOL Maybe that terminology will bring a buyer. Soon! 

We also acquired a pet pig! She's a Miniature Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig. We named her Amanda. She belonged to an elderly couple who had to go into a nursing home. We got her from our neighbors. They didn't know how old she was or even her name. So we named her. She's a real trip! LOL I've had one before - well, my sons did. Her name was Morticia and she was not "miniature"! She grew to over 4' long and close to 400 lbs, at least! They had her for almost 12 yrs. We figure Amanda is no more than 2 - 3 yrs old, so we should have her for at least another 10 yrs.!

Meet Amanda:

 Yes, we spoil her! She's obviously used to it!

She likes her new pool!

She "sits" and "begs" for treats! LOL

Amanda is completely house trained and goes out with the dogs when they go out to "potty". She & Hoodoo, my Boxer, enjoy playing tag together. She & the other dogs have a tentative relationship so far. She doesn't know what to think of Nici, our Macaw. But she has learned that Nici throws down food! And Nici has learned Amanda's name quickly, yelling at her just as she does the dogs.

Our house is an ever interesting place to be!

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