Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Big Windows Are In!

The Big Windows Are In!
Just have to share the pic of the windows now that they're in. (Now to do the easy ones on the north & west sides of the house - there are no windows on the south side).

Don't they look great!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Starting on the Windows!

Starting on the Windows!
Today we finally started on the windows! It's amazing how much difference even that one set of windows makes. Once they're all in this place will look 100% better - lighter & brighter! The white vinyl double paned windows will brighten the place as well as let in more light. These windows are each about 5" wider than the old wooden ones because they don't need the old weighted sashes.

Here are the pictures of today's progress. Once all the large front windows are in I'll post a full view of them.

OMG They look sooo good!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pictures Please! OK, Here are a Few!

Pictures Please!  OK, Here are a Few! 
So, I'm working on the floor mural in my 1/2 bath and I keep getting "pictures please!", so here are 3. The first is just after I sanded it. The second was just after I stained it. It didn't look like I'd hoped, so I decided I would paint it instead.

So, I sanded it again, painted a base of white (more of an eggshell white really), and then drew out with a fine marker the design I'm now painting on it. The floor mural will be a creek bed. The 4' high wood wainscoting (former 8" wide baseboards found downstairs) will be left original - old, shellacked, kids' names carved into it, etc. - and above the wood will be sheetrock, which I will paint a mural of a creek with trees (up on to the ceiling), flowers, plants & bushes all around. So, basically when you step in, you're stepping into a fancy "outhouse" in the house.

Briggs calls the creek bed I'm working on "Shit Creek" - since it's a creek in a bathroom. Cute. So anyone using it will be "up shit creek without a paddle."  ;)
 Sanded 7-19-2013

 Stained 7-21-2013

Partially Painted 7-31-2013

Base design finished 7/31/2013

I can only take about an hour and a half on the floor before my knees & legs start screaming at me to get up. So, this work has taken about 10 hours to get the base design completed. Next, I'll begin the detail work, such as twigs, ferns, leaves, water, and anything else I think of...once my legs allow me to get on the floor again!

So, that's where I'm at right now. Once it's finally completed, I'll post more pictures.

So I'll see y'all later!  :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Project Started ~ The 1/2 Bath

Another Project Started ~ The 1/2 Bath
We realized that, while we don't need a second bathtub, we definitely need a 2nd toilet! So, we decided to find the best spot to designate for this purpose. We decided to cut down the size of the entry, which has 2 doors from it anyway; one into the kitchen and the other into the living room. The kitchen door will now be the door into the 1/2 bath.

The toilet is a very high-end low-height Kohler that hubby got on Nex-Tech Classifieds for $10. An elderly woman could no longer sit that low, and had replaced it with a higher profile one.

Then he found a pedestal sink at the hardware store for only $60, and the awesome part of that is the porcelain is the exact same color as the toilet's, and the pedestal footprint is identical to the base of the toilet! It was a "meant to be", for sure. :)

The room's size will be 2 1/2' x 5'! VERY tiny! :D

The door for it will be 2' x 6' 5" - a "Hobbit"-size door that is coming off one of the bathrooms in the church basement. The 4' high wainscoting is being cut from the former baseboards, with sheetrock above that. I'll also build a small cabinet to hang above the toilet. This cabinet will also be made from the old baseboards. A mirror and a shelf, paint, and the decorating ideas I have and it'll be all done!

I'll post pictures of the entire process once it's completed. It will be easier to see the transition that way.

After the 1/2 bath is in, we'll be putting in the tub. It will be sooo nice to take a shower inside! Right now we have a hose from the kitchen sink and out hubby's toilet room window. We take showers outside behind the house. Thankfully it's very warm outside. :) However, Amanda, the pig, likes to try to get in on it. Not cool! LOL She likes to roll around in the mud and then try to rub up against us. Eeeeeww! Yuck!

So, that's about all of it for the moment. I'll share more as we progress along.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

"Amber Waves of Grain" Are Being Harvested

"Amber Waves of Grain" Are Being Harvested
I've enjoyed watching the wheat grow in the fields around us, especially the ones directly across the road from us. Today, I heard a loud machine closer than usual so I looked out the window to see what it was. Our neighbor was harvesting the wheat field across from us, so I grabbed my camera and went out to take some pictures.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Speeding Along!

Speeding Along!
Wow, in the last month we've gotten so much accomplished!

We received rebates on 2 of our brand new appliances. I used the first one to buy all my plants for around the property - outside the dog fence, of course. LOL There are 13 climbing Rose bushes planted along the front fence line, and a Peony planted just out from the southeast corner of the fence. I planted Sunflower seeds and wildflower seeds and a few others, but so far the only ones showing are the Sunflowers. Bummer, but maybe they'll still come up.

I painted an old wheelbarrow and planted it with some of the native plants I've found around the property. Until they "take", the poor wheelbarrow looks rather stupid sitting out there near the little bird bath in a "blank" yard.

Before planting in it.
Looking from the driveway to the southwest you see the center tree with the gargoyles, bird feeder and bird bath, and to the left is the other bird bath and the poor, lonesome wheelbarrow. LOL

Around the bird bath I planted all kinds of bulbs; Freesias, Gladiolas, Dahlias, and Windflowers. I also bought a Forsythia. It's about the only one doing great, so far. The Lilac and Wisteria aren't doing anything. Very disappointed with them, as I really want them to grow and take over their areas.

There's a second bird bath under the tree in the center of the yard, where the gargoyles are (see picture above). There is where I also planted my Frans Hals Day Lilies, which are finally beginning to show definite signs of life! :) I dug those up and brought them here from Kentucky. This is what they'll look like when they finally bloom (this was taken in my garden in KY):

Frans Hals Day Lily
(Hemerocallis Frans Hals)

I have also tilled my garden - O...M...G was that a chore! And I need to do it a second time as well to fully mulch in the now-dead ground up grasses. I would've already had it done again, but I took the tiller over to my sister-in-law's and did her garden for her. I spent 2 days just sitting on my ass doing nothing after that. Sure slept good though! :D

Here's my garden-to-be. There will be a greenhouse on the left (where the grass still is):

Approximately 50' x 75'

So, that's about it for the outside. For the inside of the schoolhouse we now have the toilet in place (woohoo, that was a GREAT thing!) and the kitchen sink (wow, running water in the kitchen, what an awesome thing!). The washer & dryer are hooked up (yay!!!) and we have everything else, relatively, in it's "place".

The windows aren't installed yet. They're stored in the church until we can get to them. The plumbing was top priority, then next will be the fence for Ahri & Preacher. I'm missing them something awful! When Ahri comes home we'll finally be able to go riding. I can't wait! :) I'm also working on getting him into barrel racing. I would love to learn how, and there is a training ranch barely 6 miles from here. I just need to go meet with them to see how to work it all out, and what all is involved.

We're getting things done, quicker than most, but not as quick as we'd like. We're not patient people. LOL Once something is in our "pile" we want everything exactly the way we want it, and we want it that way, NOW! :D

Anyway, that's about all of it for them moment. As more comes about, I will of course post it. Especially when all my flowers begin to bloom!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dog Fence Is Up - Sort Of...

Dog Fence Is Up - Sort Of...
Well, we finally have the chain link fence up around the schoolhouse for the dogs...sort of. Apparently, the guy we hired to do the fences has never done chain link before - and he didn't tell us. :(

The chain link is off the ground by almost a foot in some areas, the cross poles are wavy, due to the posts being different heights, and the 10' drive-through gate was never delivered or installed. Along with other problems...

Bent pieces

Chain link is secured with only one tie in each 10' section

Bowed top rails

On the up-side of it all, they only got paid part of the money for the job, and it wasn't enough to cover materials. So, while the fence needs to be fixed, as well as completed, at least we came out ahead in the materials cost! :)

We'll have to pay for another month for Ahri & Preacher at the boarding facility because their fence isn't up, and won't be for a while. We'll either do it ourselves (ugh!) or we'll find someone else to do it - someone who knows how to install a fence!

But whats really great, is that when driving by or coming into the drive, the place is beginning to look very lived in!

Now, to get the gardens planned and started!

Friday, March 29, 2013

When It Rains, It Pours!

When It Rains, It Pours!
Well, we got our wish - things are finally beginning to get started, and even completed!

For the past week we've had a company out here tearing out dead trees, trimming good ones (only 3 left in the pasture, there were so many dead ones), and bulldozing all of the above plus the burnable trash into a pit he dug out at the far end of the pasture. WOW, does this place look bigger and sooo much cleaner!

We've spent days hauling trash, junk, and debris from downstairs to be thrown in the burn pile or hauled to the dump (metal items). Most of it's out, but hauling it up stairs is extremely wearing, and more than a little tiring! It needs to get done so we can move all these tubs of non-essential household things down there and out of the way.

The windows are ordered and will be delivered in about 3 weeks (if money is too tight, we may have to install them ourselves - not cool, as it wouldn't all get done, both upstairs and down). The well company was here today digging where the well will be. So, we should have water very soon! Whoohoo! The fence guy showed up 2 days ago and will be putting in the fences in the next couple of weeks or so. The propane guy filled the tank with almost 900 gallons of propane, so we should be set for a very long time with that! After all that, we'll have to begin doing everything else piece-meal, as that is the last of the money from the sale of the house.

The inside is now beginning to take shape, somewhat. At least, everything is relatively in the location it will be once we have cabinets and walls for the bathroom & laundry room.

We did splurge and buy a rollback truck. This will help with our hauling service and emergency roadside service business. And we'll use it for ourselves as well, of course!

The bus has been a pain in the ass. We had to spend money on a water pump for the shower, a toilet because the handle broke, and  shower faucet because it was so clogged (never mind disgusting). We can't sell it until the water situation is fixed. We'd like to asap as that will be the money to pay the window installer.

So that's the update of the moment. I'll post pictures next time. I'm just too tired to go out and take pictures of all that's been done outside, and the inside I'd like to have all those non-essential tubs out of the way first.

Hubby says that I am actually looking younger! That since moving here it's taken years off my looks. LOVE that man! LOL I may not be losing weight, but it sure is re-distributing itself. My hands are nasty though, rough, dry, and just plain awful feeling. I try to take care of them, but between the work, the dirt, the dust, the animals, the wind, and washing them all the time because I can't stand the feel of dirty hands, there's just no hope! Oils, petroleum jelly, lotions, nothing works. I just might have to ask around to see what the women here do.

Well, I'm beat, so I'm going to go veg until bedtime. It's Friday, wonder what's on that I can just sit back and allow me to go numb - mentally & physically? Honestly, at this point...I really don't care! :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

We Want It, And We Want It NOW!

We Want It, And We Want It NOW!
We are not patient people. We have a plan. We want it implemented asap. We don't like waiting! LOL

The well man will call the well hole drilling man to give him a time frame as to when he can come out to dig the well. Then, we'll have about 2 weeks and we'll have a well. (GOD, it will be great to take a fucking shower!)

The window man said it would be about 3 weeks to get to our windows (for the estimate, etc....ugh!)

The electric man said he'll come by later this week.

The pile of junk we hauled out of this building, and the piles of trees & wood & junk that were already here, need to be bulldozed into a truck and hauled off...guess what, that man is out of town until later this week. damn!
And last but not least (by any means!), the septic man will have to pay some fee for some kind of permission, then another fee for something else, and then he'll be able to do the job. 

Holy shit, hurry up & wait! LOL

BUT, to be positive about the whole thing, it is going to get done. And when it's all finally done in a few weeks, then we'll be sooo happy it is! Then, it will be on to the next project...the kitchen & bathroom!

We've picked out the floor tile for the bathroom, and the kitchen cabinets will be unfinished, so we'll stain them the dark color we want. I have some great design plans for the kitchen & bathroom!

The bedroom was going to be downstairs, but we've decided to keep the bed upstairs. I'm going to find a huge four poster canopy bed, with matching dressers & nightstands. This means rearranging the floor plan, but we're liking this large open room, and sleeping up here as well. The basement, regardless of how well it's finished off, just isn't going to work. There's only one bathroom...upstairs...and the last thing we want to do is climb those very steep 13 steps (yes! 13 steps!) from the basement, in the middle of the night, to go to the bathroom! No sense in tempting Fate! LOL

So, we'll have the workout room and my craft room downstairs instead of in the church. We still aren't completely sure what we'll do with the church, other than clean it up so it doesn't deteriorate further.

Today, we went up into the bell tower so I could see the view. Wow! Here are the pictures I took:

North view.

South view.

East view.

West view.

(Doesn't the new roof look great!)

Eventually, we're going to enclose the bell tower's openings so we can have a place to go sit. It should really be something at night!

So, that's the latest. Not much, but definitely the beginning of a whole lot!

Until next time...blessings!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finally Arrived!

Finally Arrived!
I will never move again. If hubby starts looking at other properties ever again (because this is how it always starts), he'll be told that he can move alone. I'm not going. Anywhere. Ever. Again.

We got the U-Haul on Wednesday, February 27, 2013, got the "attic" packed with the large tubs and then Nici's outdoor cage. The next day we stuffed (and I mean stuffed) the cage full of tubs, the fridge, pictures, etc. We also loaded the dressers & beds. Dummy me only kept out one change of clothes. It wasn't long before I totally regretted that move. Things just never work out as you plan, do they?

On Friday, March 1, 2013, we were hoping to have everything else packed and be on the road by noon. Never mind that it had been raining for a week. Extremely cold, and the U-Haul was now planted in the mud-yard. It took a tow-truck to get us out! (Another expense.) The new owners were wanting to get in by the 27th. The agent "reminded" me that we only had 30 days after deed transfer and that Wednesday was the 30th day, "per the contract". I quickly reminded him "per the contract", that THEY signed 2 days before we did! And that Friday, March 1st was OUR 30th day. We had not intended to take that long, but the bus fiasco and the 2 storms that came through set us back an entire week. I never heard another word from him again.

However, the new owners kept calling wanting to know when they could stop "roughing it". They had a huge fancy 3-slide-out 5th wheel travel trailer and they were paying to stay in a hotel! Total dipshits. We finally finished up at 7:30 pm, had everything loaded and the caravan ready to go. The weather had turned really bad - the twisting, winding road was frozen over. So we spent Friday night in the driveway and pulled out at 7:40 am and headed down the road.

The chickens were in the front passenger seat of the Expedition, on the car-hauler I was pulling with the U-Haul truck. Amanda had the entire back of the Expedition. We'd covered the entire back with a tarp, folded over a futon mattress up near the back of the front seats, and poured 3 huge boxes of clumping kitty litter in the rest of the area. We kept the chickens & Amanda's food & water to a minimum to avoid too much stress due to the mess. By the time we arrived here, Amanda wasn't "speaking" to us. She was one pissed off pig.

Before the trip, while we were still packing the truck Amanda lost her winter coat in 2 days! She was so stressed. I figured out by the way she was watching us load the truck that she was remembering the old couple that had her first and that they must have had all their things piled into a truck and then she was dropped off never to see them again. Once I realized this, I reassured her and petted her alot. She relaxed quite a bit after that. Until the trip, anyway.

The caravan!

I had 3 anxiety attacks in the first 1/2 hour. I haven't had one of those since Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and it finally sunk in that she wasn't going to be around too much longer. She passed in 1996.

My view going down the road. 3/2/2013

So, Saturday, March 2, 2013, we drove 12 hours to just past Columbia, MO and stopped for the night at a rest area. Got up in the morning, got something to eat and headed out again. Normal driving it would only take about 8 hours to get that far, but we kept the speed limit between 50 & 60 mph.

Parked at the rest stop. 3/3/2013

Sunrise at the rest stop. 3/3/2013

Hubby & JuJu at the rest stop. 3/3/2013

Hoodoo rode with me until we went over a very high bridge that crossed the Ohio River. He was standing up looking out the side window and froze. He then spent the next hour trying to get under my feet! LOL Poor guy! So after that he had to ride in the bus with the rest of the crew.

My Hoodoo Man! 3/2/2013

The entire bus-riding menagerie! 3/3/2013

We passed a wind farm in east KS, right along I-70. I'm still amazed at the size of these things!

Windmills 3/3/2013

Any time we stopped to eat or get fueled up, the dogs & bird kept close tabs on us!

This is what we got to see each time we stopped. LOL
There were several churches along the highway. Entire towns built around them, out in the middle of nowhere.

We were within 20 miles when the sun finally began to sink into the horizon. It was so beautiful!

Almost there! 3/3/2013

We finally arrived at our new home around 7:30 pm. We were sooooo tired! We got the flashlight out and went snooping around, then got back in the bus and went to bed. The trip was finally over. Now, the fun of cleaning out all the junk in the schoolhouse, unpacking the vehicles, and settling in would begin.

I'm an early riser, and I will be taking pictures every week for the first year we are here, just as I did in KY. This way I will have documentation of the changing of the seasons, as well as all the changes we make around here.

Our first sunrise! 3/4/2013

While exploring before anyone else got up, hubby & the dogs are "late" sleepers! I found a dead female skunk, which I later buried in the pet cemetery that is on the property. Later I'll find something to make her a headstone.

Poor skunk! 3/4/2013

The clean-out of the schoolhouse will take some backbreaking work. The upstairs is bad, the downstairs is twice as bad, and the church upstairs is ten times worse than the entire schoolhouse mess! The only relatively clean room is the downstairs of the church.

We'd already cleared out all the junk on the left and brought in the furnace. Lots of work to do here!

The front of the schoolhouse is mostly windows. HUGE windows! Love all the light....just have to get nice, heavy lined curtains to keep out the cold or heat!

Love these windows!

While cleaning out the schoolhouse, we got Amanda to come up the steps. She was so happy to get out of the back of the Expedition! She wandered around checking out all the "great" new smells and things. When she found the old sofa she stopped, sniffed it all over, then tried to climb up on to it. I quickly went over to remove the cushions so she could use them as a step to get on the sofa. I fluffed up the nasty blanket that was there, she ruffled it around, got it "just right" and then plopped her fat ass down and didn't move the rest of the day. I plugged in a small electric heater for her so she'd stay warm. I'll clean the sofa thoroughly and she can have it as "her" bed. So far, none of the dogs have tried to invade on it. I guess they know it's hers. She's our Princess Pig!

Amanda enjoying "her" sofa!

We finally got the bulk of everything inside. The most important being the bed, the furnace, and other electric heaters. Well, the bed was fine. Just make it up and get in! The furnace...well, that damn thing's copper tubing got kinked, so it wasn't going to be used that night. And it was a cold-ass night at 17 degrees! Thankfully, the building has had most of the insulation already put in by the guy who gutted the place. But it was still incredibly cold. So, hubby got the bright idea of hooking up the shop furnace. This damn thing sounds like a jet engine! The dogs were terrified of it. The bird wanted as far away from it as possible. And Amanda, well, she didn't care, she had her sofa to stay on. As for us, we got heated out of the place. Then when it ran out of fuel around 4:30 am (with a loud puffing, exploding sound that scared the shit out of all of us), we finally had quiet. The residual heat was good, and by the time I got up, although it had cooled down considerably, it was not uncomfortable.

The most wonderful thing of all was finally having access to my clothes! And a shower! OMG! I have never felt so disgusting in my entire life! This place is naaaaasty! But it is getting better. And will continue to do so as time goes on.

So, that is the true beginnings of our High Plains Settlers adventures, I hope y'all will continue to drop in to see what else is new around here!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Almost Ready to Go!

Almost Ready to Go!
Sooo much done, and sooo much more to do! But we're almost ready to go! Woohoo!

We bought a 1968 GMC conversion bus. It was built for the Navy and then eventually sold to the public after it wore out its use with the Navy, doing what ever it did (probably picking up and delivering seamen to their respective bases during the Viet Nam War - that's my guess, anyway).

(Picture from the Craig's List ad)

The outside is decent looking, but they "modernized" it at some point with that stupid false-front cap on the top above the cab. Eventually, we'll remove it.

The interior is a laughable multi-decade time warp. There are elements of the '60's through the '90's! LOL.

Getting it home was a total nightmare for hubby! It took 4 days and he only got to central TN (from central FL). It finally quit on him, but luckily not before he left it at the gates of a Rush Truck Center in Smyrna, TN. We went and picked it up yesterday - $1900 later! Ugh! But at least it has all new batteries. Unfortunately they didn't fix the driver side windshield wiper. So now hubby has to figure that one out himself. Fun, fun!

We were scheduled to pick up the largest U-Haul truck on Thursday, pack it up and then leave late-late Friday night or early-early Saturday morning. However, there is a massive winter storm arriving all across where we'd be driving, so we're going to wait until Monday to pick up the truck, and then leave Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

I'm packing everything in Rubbermaid tubs rather than cardboard boxes. I'd rather have plastic tubs to store (God knows we have plenty of storage room on the property! LOL) everything in, than have the cardboard attract bugs, and/or fall apart. I absolutely hate cardboard boxes. The tubs will keep things a bit more dust-free as well. Yes, it's expensive. But they'll still be usable 20 yrs from now, many times over, for storing many, many things loooong after those nasty cardboard boxes are dust. So, in reality which is the better purchase? The tubs, hands-down!

Preacher & Ahri will be picked up by the shipper some time on Thursday and should be delivered Friday or Saturday. Ahri will finally get his training finished and I'll be able to ride him. I found an Australian saddle on Craig's List that will work perfectly. Love the Australian saddles! I can't wait to get to ride him. I'm planning on making it the beginning of my days. Get up, let Amanda out & feed her, let the chickens out & feed them, then get Ahri's saddle on and go for a ride for at least an hour. Since I'm always the first one up anyway, by the time I get back breakfast should be ready.
The only real animal shipping problem we have to solve is Amanda. The bus is too small for all the dogs & her to hang out together. Never mind Little Man would never put up with it. He's gotten rather mean toward her lately. I'm constantly having to run interference.

We've decided to unpack the truck into the basement of one of the buildings (the church probably, as it has the least amount of junk in it, so will be easiest to clean out quickly). When we're not cleaning or remodeling, we'll spend our days in that room with heaters! We'll cook & eat and at night, sleep in the bus. I'm sure there will be many plan alterations as needed when we find that something isn't working out as planned.

Hubby's sister sold their property last Sunday, so they're going to be heading out to their property not long after us. We were hoping they'd caravan with us, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Oh, well, I guess we'll be seeing quite a bit of them once we're all moved out there. They're place is in Norcatur, which is only about an hour away. I'd like to have regular Sunday meals or at least something once a week or every other week or so.

So, that's where we're at for the moment. We're getting there! Finally! A little over a week from now we'll finally be there and I can finally look around! I'm sooo excited! :D

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hurting AAAALLLL Over!

Hurting AAAALLLL Over!

OMG! I hate moving! I spent all day packing and I can't find a muscle that doesn't hurt! LOL I have problems with my feet & ankles and after being on them all day, I can't even stand right now. "Ow", doesn't even cover it!

But, I did clear all the walls of everything (I'm one of those people that can't stand "blank" space on walls or flat surfaces, so there are collections & vignettes everywhere). Hubby wishes I'd collect balsa wood things. LOL Nah, don't think so! I love my "stuff", makes me feel "at home".

We still haven't found a motorhome, and we have 2 weeks from tomorrow before we're scheduled to leave. That really bites! If we had that, then at least I could pack into it what we'll need in the immediate future, and finish up with everything else that will go into the giant U-Haul truck. I want to be moved into the motorhome at least 2 days before leaving because I intend to go over every nook & cranny cleaning this place. (You never realize how dirty your place is until you move - and then you feel like a real did it ever get so nasty?!?!? blah!) I'm really not looking forward to getting behind the fridge, stove, and washer & dryer! LOL

I made Amanda her new halter & lead today, also. We bought one that we found online - what a piece of shit! Cheaply made, and couldn't hold a cat, let alone a 100+ pound Pot Belly Pig! Now to get her used to wearing it. Once it's on she doesn't seem to mind it, but trying to stand over her to get it around her is a trick - you have to move fast! LOL

Ahri's & Preacher's boarding arrangements are already made, as well as Ahri's finishing training so I can ride him - finally. That's all paid for and when we have a pick-up date from the shipper we'll send the balance of the hauling fee to the stable owner to pay the hauler when they arrive. He can then also check Ahri & Preacher out to make sure they're in good shape and weathered the trip well enough. Just because a shipper says they stop every 2 hours to water the horses doesn't mean they actually do.

So, that's about it for the moment. I'll update more as anything significant presents itself. At least we're moving forward! Woohoo! LOL

Friday, February 1, 2013

Finally Closed and Now the Fun Begins!

Finally Closed and Now the Fun Begins!
We closed later than expected, and it would've been later but we threatened to cancel the contract if we didn't close. So the new owners signed on the original closing date and then we closed after getting the paperwork here. (They're in South Dakota).

So, now we begin the packing process and finding the motorhome to move out there and live in. There are so many we like!

We're also taking Ahri & Preacher with us (the Arabian & the donkey). They'll be shipped first to a boarding facility and we'll have them brought out to the property after we have their fence & loafing shed ready. While they're at the boarding facility Ahri will finish out his training so I will be able to ride him. All that open space to ride in will be great! Take a few plastic bags and some tools and I'll be able to do some wildcrafting of plants & herbs along the way.

Anyway, that's all that's new for the moment. We'll be very busy for the next few weeks, getting ready for a move-out date of Friday, February 22nd (my Daddy's 74th birthday). 

Hooray! Woohoo! The fun begins! LOL

Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 Days to Go, and Lots of Plans in the Works!

5 Days to Go, and Lots of Plans in the Works!
Oh boy! Five days to go til closing! Woohoo!

So, the most fun has been planning the move....and all the logistics of doing so. ugh.

We've decided that we'll buy a motorhome to travel out there in, as well as live in it until we get the schoolhouse ready & liveable. Hubby will drive the motorhome pulling the trailer with all of the house & barn & everything else in it. I'll drive the Expedition behind and run interference when he needs to pass or something. Although I doubt he'll pass much, as we'll be leaving around midnight so we don't hit Louisville or St. Louis during any traffic times. Since we'll have the motorhome, if we get tired we just pull into a rest stop and sleep.

The motorhome also makes it easier traveling for the dogs, the bird and the pig. My Banty chickens will probably travel in a cage with me, as will Hoodoo, my Boxer. We'll make it an easy going trip so we're less inclined to get into any problems.

The motorhome we're hoping to get is a beautiful 1995 40' Serengeti Safari we found on Craig's List. If it's still there next Friday, we'll be driving down to look at it and make an offer. This will make the move sooo much easier on everyone.

After closing, first on the agenda is the motorhome, then getting lots of boxes! I have sooo much to pack! Hubby has a habit of just throwing things away. Not me. I'm not a "hoarder", but I always end up regretting throwing some things away, because inevitably I find a use for it right after I've thrown it out! And that just bites! LOL

We're finding Kai (the Mustang) a new home. The guy is a disabled vet and he's been going through a rehabilitation program that works with horses. We're going to go meet him today. I really think she will be so much happier being a one-horse horse. She never has gotten along very well with the others.

We had sold Preacher to a local family, but then drove out to check on him about a month after we'd sold him. He heard our truck and started braying. Broke my heart. Then a few days later we found him listed on Craig's List. We went over immediately and bought him back. He'd lost a lot of weight and his living conditions were horrendous. I can only believe that the Divine had a hand in our finding that listing and getting him back.

Ahri, the Arabian, was incredibly happy! He would hug all over Preacher and then look at me long & hard and I could tell he was thanking us for bringing his pal back. So Ahri & Preacher will be going with us. We'll board them here for about a month, then once the fence is up we'll send for them. Unless we can find a good place out there, that way I can check on them.

Look at Ahri hugging his pal! Even Kai had to greet him. They were all muddy because it had been raining for a week.

So, that's the latest news. I'll post more as more comes about. :)

Hope everyone's new year is going as wonderfully as ours!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year and Still Moving Forward

New Year and Still Moving Forward
We have a closing date of Friday, January 25th, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that all goes smoothly. Even if it falls through we have had such great response through the realtor we contracted with that we know there are several people just waiting to hear if it sold or not. A couple of the potential buyers are cash customers too. So, regardless, we'll be out of here well before Spring.

Moving in Winter sucks, but I don't mind totally considering we'll get to see the place at it's peak Winter look and on through to Spring and the rest of the year. Besides, I love Winter! (I know, I'm weird.)

We're getting our plans in order, prioritizing what we'll do the minute the papers are signed and we then have our 30 days to get everything done and be gone. We decided to sell the horses (not happy about that) so it would be easier to just up and go. We're looking at motorhomes to live in while we get the schoolhouse livable, and clean out the church. By traveling in the motorhome all the animals can then travel with us comfortably. Some of them will be crated (Gris-Gris, the Pit Bull because she gets over excited when going "bye-bye", and Amanda, the Pot Belly Pig so she doesn't get jostled around and get hurt). Nici, the Macaw will be caged and so will my little Bantam chickens (I sold all of the large chickens several months ago). 

So, we're "getting it together", making (and changing) plans, and soon we'll finally be on our way! Woohoo!