Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 Days to Go, and Lots of Plans in the Works!

5 Days to Go, and Lots of Plans in the Works!
Oh boy! Five days to go til closing! Woohoo!

So, the most fun has been planning the move....and all the logistics of doing so. ugh.

We've decided that we'll buy a motorhome to travel out there in, as well as live in it until we get the schoolhouse ready & liveable. Hubby will drive the motorhome pulling the trailer with all of the house & barn & everything else in it. I'll drive the Expedition behind and run interference when he needs to pass or something. Although I doubt he'll pass much, as we'll be leaving around midnight so we don't hit Louisville or St. Louis during any traffic times. Since we'll have the motorhome, if we get tired we just pull into a rest stop and sleep.

The motorhome also makes it easier traveling for the dogs, the bird and the pig. My Banty chickens will probably travel in a cage with me, as will Hoodoo, my Boxer. We'll make it an easy going trip so we're less inclined to get into any problems.

The motorhome we're hoping to get is a beautiful 1995 40' Serengeti Safari we found on Craig's List. If it's still there next Friday, we'll be driving down to look at it and make an offer. This will make the move sooo much easier on everyone.

After closing, first on the agenda is the motorhome, then getting lots of boxes! I have sooo much to pack! Hubby has a habit of just throwing things away. Not me. I'm not a "hoarder", but I always end up regretting throwing some things away, because inevitably I find a use for it right after I've thrown it out! And that just bites! LOL

We're finding Kai (the Mustang) a new home. The guy is a disabled vet and he's been going through a rehabilitation program that works with horses. We're going to go meet him today. I really think she will be so much happier being a one-horse horse. She never has gotten along very well with the others.

We had sold Preacher to a local family, but then drove out to check on him about a month after we'd sold him. He heard our truck and started braying. Broke my heart. Then a few days later we found him listed on Craig's List. We went over immediately and bought him back. He'd lost a lot of weight and his living conditions were horrendous. I can only believe that the Divine had a hand in our finding that listing and getting him back.

Ahri, the Arabian, was incredibly happy! He would hug all over Preacher and then look at me long & hard and I could tell he was thanking us for bringing his pal back. So Ahri & Preacher will be going with us. We'll board them here for about a month, then once the fence is up we'll send for them. Unless we can find a good place out there, that way I can check on them.

Look at Ahri hugging his pal! Even Kai had to greet him. They were all muddy because it had been raining for a week.

So, that's the latest news. I'll post more as more comes about. :)

Hope everyone's new year is going as wonderfully as ours!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year and Still Moving Forward

New Year and Still Moving Forward
We have a closing date of Friday, January 25th, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that all goes smoothly. Even if it falls through we have had such great response through the realtor we contracted with that we know there are several people just waiting to hear if it sold or not. A couple of the potential buyers are cash customers too. So, regardless, we'll be out of here well before Spring.

Moving in Winter sucks, but I don't mind totally considering we'll get to see the place at it's peak Winter look and on through to Spring and the rest of the year. Besides, I love Winter! (I know, I'm weird.)

We're getting our plans in order, prioritizing what we'll do the minute the papers are signed and we then have our 30 days to get everything done and be gone. We decided to sell the horses (not happy about that) so it would be easier to just up and go. We're looking at motorhomes to live in while we get the schoolhouse livable, and clean out the church. By traveling in the motorhome all the animals can then travel with us comfortably. Some of them will be crated (Gris-Gris, the Pit Bull because she gets over excited when going "bye-bye", and Amanda, the Pot Belly Pig so she doesn't get jostled around and get hurt). Nici, the Macaw will be caged and so will my little Bantam chickens (I sold all of the large chickens several months ago). 

So, we're "getting it together", making (and changing) plans, and soon we'll finally be on our way! Woohoo!