Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year and Still Moving Forward

New Year and Still Moving Forward
We have a closing date of Friday, January 25th, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that all goes smoothly. Even if it falls through we have had such great response through the realtor we contracted with that we know there are several people just waiting to hear if it sold or not. A couple of the potential buyers are cash customers too. So, regardless, we'll be out of here well before Spring.

Moving in Winter sucks, but I don't mind totally considering we'll get to see the place at it's peak Winter look and on through to Spring and the rest of the year. Besides, I love Winter! (I know, I'm weird.)

We're getting our plans in order, prioritizing what we'll do the minute the papers are signed and we then have our 30 days to get everything done and be gone. We decided to sell the horses (not happy about that) so it would be easier to just up and go. We're looking at motorhomes to live in while we get the schoolhouse livable, and clean out the church. By traveling in the motorhome all the animals can then travel with us comfortably. Some of them will be crated (Gris-Gris, the Pit Bull because she gets over excited when going "bye-bye", and Amanda, the Pot Belly Pig so she doesn't get jostled around and get hurt). Nici, the Macaw will be caged and so will my little Bantam chickens (I sold all of the large chickens several months ago). 

So, we're "getting it together", making (and changing) plans, and soon we'll finally be on our way! Woohoo!

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