Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Almost Ready to Go!

Almost Ready to Go!
Sooo much done, and sooo much more to do! But we're almost ready to go! Woohoo!

We bought a 1968 GMC conversion bus. It was built for the Navy and then eventually sold to the public after it wore out its use with the Navy, doing what ever it did (probably picking up and delivering seamen to their respective bases during the Viet Nam War - that's my guess, anyway).

(Picture from the Craig's List ad)

The outside is decent looking, but they "modernized" it at some point with that stupid false-front cap on the top above the cab. Eventually, we'll remove it.

The interior is a laughable multi-decade time warp. There are elements of the '60's through the '90's! LOL.

Getting it home was a total nightmare for hubby! It took 4 days and he only got to central TN (from central FL). It finally quit on him, but luckily not before he left it at the gates of a Rush Truck Center in Smyrna, TN. We went and picked it up yesterday - $1900 later! Ugh! But at least it has all new batteries. Unfortunately they didn't fix the driver side windshield wiper. So now hubby has to figure that one out himself. Fun, fun!

We were scheduled to pick up the largest U-Haul truck on Thursday, pack it up and then leave late-late Friday night or early-early Saturday morning. However, there is a massive winter storm arriving all across where we'd be driving, so we're going to wait until Monday to pick up the truck, and then leave Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

I'm packing everything in Rubbermaid tubs rather than cardboard boxes. I'd rather have plastic tubs to store (God knows we have plenty of storage room on the property! LOL) everything in, than have the cardboard attract bugs, and/or fall apart. I absolutely hate cardboard boxes. The tubs will keep things a bit more dust-free as well. Yes, it's expensive. But they'll still be usable 20 yrs from now, many times over, for storing many, many things loooong after those nasty cardboard boxes are dust. So, in reality which is the better purchase? The tubs, hands-down!

Preacher & Ahri will be picked up by the shipper some time on Thursday and should be delivered Friday or Saturday. Ahri will finally get his training finished and I'll be able to ride him. I found an Australian saddle on Craig's List that will work perfectly. Love the Australian saddles! I can't wait to get to ride him. I'm planning on making it the beginning of my days. Get up, let Amanda out & feed her, let the chickens out & feed them, then get Ahri's saddle on and go for a ride for at least an hour. Since I'm always the first one up anyway, by the time I get back breakfast should be ready.
The only real animal shipping problem we have to solve is Amanda. The bus is too small for all the dogs & her to hang out together. Never mind Little Man would never put up with it. He's gotten rather mean toward her lately. I'm constantly having to run interference.

We've decided to unpack the truck into the basement of one of the buildings (the church probably, as it has the least amount of junk in it, so will be easiest to clean out quickly). When we're not cleaning or remodeling, we'll spend our days in that room with heaters! We'll cook & eat and at night, sleep in the bus. I'm sure there will be many plan alterations as needed when we find that something isn't working out as planned.

Hubby's sister sold their property last Sunday, so they're going to be heading out to their property not long after us. We were hoping they'd caravan with us, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Oh, well, I guess we'll be seeing quite a bit of them once we're all moved out there. They're place is in Norcatur, which is only about an hour away. I'd like to have regular Sunday meals or at least something once a week or every other week or so.

So, that's where we're at for the moment. We're getting there! Finally! A little over a week from now we'll finally be there and I can finally look around! I'm sooo excited! :D

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