Friday, February 1, 2013

Finally Closed and Now the Fun Begins!

Finally Closed and Now the Fun Begins!
We closed later than expected, and it would've been later but we threatened to cancel the contract if we didn't close. So the new owners signed on the original closing date and then we closed after getting the paperwork here. (They're in South Dakota).

So, now we begin the packing process and finding the motorhome to move out there and live in. There are so many we like!

We're also taking Ahri & Preacher with us (the Arabian & the donkey). They'll be shipped first to a boarding facility and we'll have them brought out to the property after we have their fence & loafing shed ready. While they're at the boarding facility Ahri will finish out his training so I will be able to ride him. All that open space to ride in will be great! Take a few plastic bags and some tools and I'll be able to do some wildcrafting of plants & herbs along the way.

Anyway, that's all that's new for the moment. We'll be very busy for the next few weeks, getting ready for a move-out date of Friday, February 22nd (my Daddy's 74th birthday). 

Hooray! Woohoo! The fun begins! LOL

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