Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hurting AAAALLLL Over!

Hurting AAAALLLL Over!

OMG! I hate moving! I spent all day packing and I can't find a muscle that doesn't hurt! LOL I have problems with my feet & ankles and after being on them all day, I can't even stand right now. "Ow", doesn't even cover it!

But, I did clear all the walls of everything (I'm one of those people that can't stand "blank" space on walls or flat surfaces, so there are collections & vignettes everywhere). Hubby wishes I'd collect balsa wood things. LOL Nah, don't think so! I love my "stuff", makes me feel "at home".

We still haven't found a motorhome, and we have 2 weeks from tomorrow before we're scheduled to leave. That really bites! If we had that, then at least I could pack into it what we'll need in the immediate future, and finish up with everything else that will go into the giant U-Haul truck. I want to be moved into the motorhome at least 2 days before leaving because I intend to go over every nook & cranny cleaning this place. (You never realize how dirty your place is until you move - and then you feel like a real did it ever get so nasty?!?!? blah!) I'm really not looking forward to getting behind the fridge, stove, and washer & dryer! LOL

I made Amanda her new halter & lead today, also. We bought one that we found online - what a piece of shit! Cheaply made, and couldn't hold a cat, let alone a 100+ pound Pot Belly Pig! Now to get her used to wearing it. Once it's on she doesn't seem to mind it, but trying to stand over her to get it around her is a trick - you have to move fast! LOL

Ahri's & Preacher's boarding arrangements are already made, as well as Ahri's finishing training so I can ride him - finally. That's all paid for and when we have a pick-up date from the shipper we'll send the balance of the hauling fee to the stable owner to pay the hauler when they arrive. He can then also check Ahri & Preacher out to make sure they're in good shape and weathered the trip well enough. Just because a shipper says they stop every 2 hours to water the horses doesn't mean they actually do.

So, that's about it for the moment. I'll update more as anything significant presents itself. At least we're moving forward! Woohoo! LOL

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