Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finally Arrived!

Finally Arrived!
I will never move again. If hubby starts looking at other properties ever again (because this is how it always starts), he'll be told that he can move alone. I'm not going. Anywhere. Ever. Again.

We got the U-Haul on Wednesday, February 27, 2013, got the "attic" packed with the large tubs and then Nici's outdoor cage. The next day we stuffed (and I mean stuffed) the cage full of tubs, the fridge, pictures, etc. We also loaded the dressers & beds. Dummy me only kept out one change of clothes. It wasn't long before I totally regretted that move. Things just never work out as you plan, do they?

On Friday, March 1, 2013, we were hoping to have everything else packed and be on the road by noon. Never mind that it had been raining for a week. Extremely cold, and the U-Haul was now planted in the mud-yard. It took a tow-truck to get us out! (Another expense.) The new owners were wanting to get in by the 27th. The agent "reminded" me that we only had 30 days after deed transfer and that Wednesday was the 30th day, "per the contract". I quickly reminded him "per the contract", that THEY signed 2 days before we did! And that Friday, March 1st was OUR 30th day. We had not intended to take that long, but the bus fiasco and the 2 storms that came through set us back an entire week. I never heard another word from him again.

However, the new owners kept calling wanting to know when they could stop "roughing it". They had a huge fancy 3-slide-out 5th wheel travel trailer and they were paying to stay in a hotel! Total dipshits. We finally finished up at 7:30 pm, had everything loaded and the caravan ready to go. The weather had turned really bad - the twisting, winding road was frozen over. So we spent Friday night in the driveway and pulled out at 7:40 am and headed down the road.

The chickens were in the front passenger seat of the Expedition, on the car-hauler I was pulling with the U-Haul truck. Amanda had the entire back of the Expedition. We'd covered the entire back with a tarp, folded over a futon mattress up near the back of the front seats, and poured 3 huge boxes of clumping kitty litter in the rest of the area. We kept the chickens & Amanda's food & water to a minimum to avoid too much stress due to the mess. By the time we arrived here, Amanda wasn't "speaking" to us. She was one pissed off pig.

Before the trip, while we were still packing the truck Amanda lost her winter coat in 2 days! She was so stressed. I figured out by the way she was watching us load the truck that she was remembering the old couple that had her first and that they must have had all their things piled into a truck and then she was dropped off never to see them again. Once I realized this, I reassured her and petted her alot. She relaxed quite a bit after that. Until the trip, anyway.

The caravan!

I had 3 anxiety attacks in the first 1/2 hour. I haven't had one of those since Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and it finally sunk in that she wasn't going to be around too much longer. She passed in 1996.

My view going down the road. 3/2/2013

So, Saturday, March 2, 2013, we drove 12 hours to just past Columbia, MO and stopped for the night at a rest area. Got up in the morning, got something to eat and headed out again. Normal driving it would only take about 8 hours to get that far, but we kept the speed limit between 50 & 60 mph.

Parked at the rest stop. 3/3/2013

Sunrise at the rest stop. 3/3/2013

Hubby & JuJu at the rest stop. 3/3/2013

Hoodoo rode with me until we went over a very high bridge that crossed the Ohio River. He was standing up looking out the side window and froze. He then spent the next hour trying to get under my feet! LOL Poor guy! So after that he had to ride in the bus with the rest of the crew.

My Hoodoo Man! 3/2/2013

The entire bus-riding menagerie! 3/3/2013

We passed a wind farm in east KS, right along I-70. I'm still amazed at the size of these things!

Windmills 3/3/2013

Any time we stopped to eat or get fueled up, the dogs & bird kept close tabs on us!

This is what we got to see each time we stopped. LOL
There were several churches along the highway. Entire towns built around them, out in the middle of nowhere.

We were within 20 miles when the sun finally began to sink into the horizon. It was so beautiful!

Almost there! 3/3/2013

We finally arrived at our new home around 7:30 pm. We were sooooo tired! We got the flashlight out and went snooping around, then got back in the bus and went to bed. The trip was finally over. Now, the fun of cleaning out all the junk in the schoolhouse, unpacking the vehicles, and settling in would begin.

I'm an early riser, and I will be taking pictures every week for the first year we are here, just as I did in KY. This way I will have documentation of the changing of the seasons, as well as all the changes we make around here.

Our first sunrise! 3/4/2013

While exploring before anyone else got up, hubby & the dogs are "late" sleepers! I found a dead female skunk, which I later buried in the pet cemetery that is on the property. Later I'll find something to make her a headstone.

Poor skunk! 3/4/2013

The clean-out of the schoolhouse will take some backbreaking work. The upstairs is bad, the downstairs is twice as bad, and the church upstairs is ten times worse than the entire schoolhouse mess! The only relatively clean room is the downstairs of the church.

We'd already cleared out all the junk on the left and brought in the furnace. Lots of work to do here!

The front of the schoolhouse is mostly windows. HUGE windows! Love all the light....just have to get nice, heavy lined curtains to keep out the cold or heat!

Love these windows!

While cleaning out the schoolhouse, we got Amanda to come up the steps. She was so happy to get out of the back of the Expedition! She wandered around checking out all the "great" new smells and things. When she found the old sofa she stopped, sniffed it all over, then tried to climb up on to it. I quickly went over to remove the cushions so she could use them as a step to get on the sofa. I fluffed up the nasty blanket that was there, she ruffled it around, got it "just right" and then plopped her fat ass down and didn't move the rest of the day. I plugged in a small electric heater for her so she'd stay warm. I'll clean the sofa thoroughly and she can have it as "her" bed. So far, none of the dogs have tried to invade on it. I guess they know it's hers. She's our Princess Pig!

Amanda enjoying "her" sofa!

We finally got the bulk of everything inside. The most important being the bed, the furnace, and other electric heaters. Well, the bed was fine. Just make it up and get in! The furnace...well, that damn thing's copper tubing got kinked, so it wasn't going to be used that night. And it was a cold-ass night at 17 degrees! Thankfully, the building has had most of the insulation already put in by the guy who gutted the place. But it was still incredibly cold. So, hubby got the bright idea of hooking up the shop furnace. This damn thing sounds like a jet engine! The dogs were terrified of it. The bird wanted as far away from it as possible. And Amanda, well, she didn't care, she had her sofa to stay on. As for us, we got heated out of the place. Then when it ran out of fuel around 4:30 am (with a loud puffing, exploding sound that scared the shit out of all of us), we finally had quiet. The residual heat was good, and by the time I got up, although it had cooled down considerably, it was not uncomfortable.

The most wonderful thing of all was finally having access to my clothes! And a shower! OMG! I have never felt so disgusting in my entire life! This place is naaaaasty! But it is getting better. And will continue to do so as time goes on.

So, that is the true beginnings of our High Plains Settlers adventures, I hope y'all will continue to drop in to see what else is new around here!

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