Saturday, March 16, 2013

We Want It, And We Want It NOW!

We Want It, And We Want It NOW!
We are not patient people. We have a plan. We want it implemented asap. We don't like waiting! LOL

The well man will call the well hole drilling man to give him a time frame as to when he can come out to dig the well. Then, we'll have about 2 weeks and we'll have a well. (GOD, it will be great to take a fucking shower!)

The window man said it would be about 3 weeks to get to our windows (for the estimate, etc....ugh!)

The electric man said he'll come by later this week.

The pile of junk we hauled out of this building, and the piles of trees & wood & junk that were already here, need to be bulldozed into a truck and hauled off...guess what, that man is out of town until later this week. damn!
And last but not least (by any means!), the septic man will have to pay some fee for some kind of permission, then another fee for something else, and then he'll be able to do the job. 

Holy shit, hurry up & wait! LOL

BUT, to be positive about the whole thing, it is going to get done. And when it's all finally done in a few weeks, then we'll be sooo happy it is! Then, it will be on to the next project...the kitchen & bathroom!

We've picked out the floor tile for the bathroom, and the kitchen cabinets will be unfinished, so we'll stain them the dark color we want. I have some great design plans for the kitchen & bathroom!

The bedroom was going to be downstairs, but we've decided to keep the bed upstairs. I'm going to find a huge four poster canopy bed, with matching dressers & nightstands. This means rearranging the floor plan, but we're liking this large open room, and sleeping up here as well. The basement, regardless of how well it's finished off, just isn't going to work. There's only one bathroom...upstairs...and the last thing we want to do is climb those very steep 13 steps (yes! 13 steps!) from the basement, in the middle of the night, to go to the bathroom! No sense in tempting Fate! LOL

So, we'll have the workout room and my craft room downstairs instead of in the church. We still aren't completely sure what we'll do with the church, other than clean it up so it doesn't deteriorate further.

Today, we went up into the bell tower so I could see the view. Wow! Here are the pictures I took:

North view.

South view.

East view.

West view.

(Doesn't the new roof look great!)

Eventually, we're going to enclose the bell tower's openings so we can have a place to go sit. It should really be something at night!

So, that's the latest. Not much, but definitely the beginning of a whole lot!

Until next time...blessings!

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