Sunday, May 26, 2013

Speeding Along!

Speeding Along!
Wow, in the last month we've gotten so much accomplished!

We received rebates on 2 of our brand new appliances. I used the first one to buy all my plants for around the property - outside the dog fence, of course. LOL There are 13 climbing Rose bushes planted along the front fence line, and a Peony planted just out from the southeast corner of the fence. I planted Sunflower seeds and wildflower seeds and a few others, but so far the only ones showing are the Sunflowers. Bummer, but maybe they'll still come up.

I painted an old wheelbarrow and planted it with some of the native plants I've found around the property. Until they "take", the poor wheelbarrow looks rather stupid sitting out there near the little bird bath in a "blank" yard.

Before planting in it.
Looking from the driveway to the southwest you see the center tree with the gargoyles, bird feeder and bird bath, and to the left is the other bird bath and the poor, lonesome wheelbarrow. LOL

Around the bird bath I planted all kinds of bulbs; Freesias, Gladiolas, Dahlias, and Windflowers. I also bought a Forsythia. It's about the only one doing great, so far. The Lilac and Wisteria aren't doing anything. Very disappointed with them, as I really want them to grow and take over their areas.

There's a second bird bath under the tree in the center of the yard, where the gargoyles are (see picture above). There is where I also planted my Frans Hals Day Lilies, which are finally beginning to show definite signs of life! :) I dug those up and brought them here from Kentucky. This is what they'll look like when they finally bloom (this was taken in my garden in KY):

Frans Hals Day Lily
(Hemerocallis Frans Hals)

I have also tilled my garden - O...M...G was that a chore! And I need to do it a second time as well to fully mulch in the now-dead ground up grasses. I would've already had it done again, but I took the tiller over to my sister-in-law's and did her garden for her. I spent 2 days just sitting on my ass doing nothing after that. Sure slept good though! :D

Here's my garden-to-be. There will be a greenhouse on the left (where the grass still is):

Approximately 50' x 75'

So, that's about it for the outside. For the inside of the schoolhouse we now have the toilet in place (woohoo, that was a GREAT thing!) and the kitchen sink (wow, running water in the kitchen, what an awesome thing!). The washer & dryer are hooked up (yay!!!) and we have everything else, relatively, in it's "place".

The windows aren't installed yet. They're stored in the church until we can get to them. The plumbing was top priority, then next will be the fence for Ahri & Preacher. I'm missing them something awful! When Ahri comes home we'll finally be able to go riding. I can't wait! :) I'm also working on getting him into barrel racing. I would love to learn how, and there is a training ranch barely 6 miles from here. I just need to go meet with them to see how to work it all out, and what all is involved.

We're getting things done, quicker than most, but not as quick as we'd like. We're not patient people. LOL Once something is in our "pile" we want everything exactly the way we want it, and we want it that way, NOW! :D

Anyway, that's about all of it for them moment. As more comes about, I will of course post it. Especially when all my flowers begin to bloom!