Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Project Started ~ The 1/2 Bath

Another Project Started ~ The 1/2 Bath
We realized that, while we don't need a second bathtub, we definitely need a 2nd toilet! So, we decided to find the best spot to designate for this purpose. We decided to cut down the size of the entry, which has 2 doors from it anyway; one into the kitchen and the other into the living room. The kitchen door will now be the door into the 1/2 bath.

The toilet is a very high-end low-height Kohler that hubby got on Nex-Tech Classifieds for $10. An elderly woman could no longer sit that low, and had replaced it with a higher profile one.

Then he found a pedestal sink at the hardware store for only $60, and the awesome part of that is the porcelain is the exact same color as the toilet's, and the pedestal footprint is identical to the base of the toilet! It was a "meant to be", for sure. :)

The room's size will be 2 1/2' x 5'! VERY tiny! :D

The door for it will be 2' x 6' 5" - a "Hobbit"-size door that is coming off one of the bathrooms in the church basement. The 4' high wainscoting is being cut from the former baseboards, with sheetrock above that. I'll also build a small cabinet to hang above the toilet. This cabinet will also be made from the old baseboards. A mirror and a shelf, paint, and the decorating ideas I have and it'll be all done!

I'll post pictures of the entire process once it's completed. It will be easier to see the transition that way.

After the 1/2 bath is in, we'll be putting in the tub. It will be sooo nice to take a shower inside! Right now we have a hose from the kitchen sink and out hubby's toilet room window. We take showers outside behind the house. Thankfully it's very warm outside. :) However, Amanda, the pig, likes to try to get in on it. Not cool! LOL She likes to roll around in the mud and then try to rub up against us. Eeeeeww! Yuck!

So, that's about all of it for the moment. I'll share more as we progress along.

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  1. :) Oh, I will! I'm still working on the floor mural, which should be completed this week. I'll post pictures of that, then again when the walls are up & their murals completed.