Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pictures Please! OK, Here are a Few!

Pictures Please!  OK, Here are a Few! 
So, I'm working on the floor mural in my 1/2 bath and I keep getting "pictures please!", so here are 3. The first is just after I sanded it. The second was just after I stained it. It didn't look like I'd hoped, so I decided I would paint it instead.

So, I sanded it again, painted a base of white (more of an eggshell white really), and then drew out with a fine marker the design I'm now painting on it. The floor mural will be a creek bed. The 4' high wood wainscoting (former 8" wide baseboards found downstairs) will be left original - old, shellacked, kids' names carved into it, etc. - and above the wood will be sheetrock, which I will paint a mural of a creek with trees (up on to the ceiling), flowers, plants & bushes all around. So, basically when you step in, you're stepping into a fancy "outhouse" in the house.

Briggs calls the creek bed I'm working on "Shit Creek" - since it's a creek in a bathroom. Cute. So anyone using it will be "up shit creek without a paddle."  ;)
 Sanded 7-19-2013

 Stained 7-21-2013

Partially Painted 7-31-2013

Base design finished 7/31/2013

I can only take about an hour and a half on the floor before my knees & legs start screaming at me to get up. So, this work has taken about 10 hours to get the base design completed. Next, I'll begin the detail work, such as twigs, ferns, leaves, water, and anything else I think of...once my legs allow me to get on the floor again!

So, that's where I'm at right now. Once it's finally completed, I'll post more pictures.

So I'll see y'all later!  :)

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