Friday, January 17, 2014

My Little 1/2 Bath

My Little 1/2 Bath
After spending all Autumn finishing up the infrastructure, i.e. propane lines, plumbing & electrical, we are now finally beginning to work on the inside. Finally!

I'll post more complete pictures in a day or so, but right now I just thought I'd do a quick note to show off the door to my 1/2 bath. LOL I am so in love with this door! :D

Here are 2 pictures so you can see why I love this door so much:

Here's me standing in my door. :)

Here's my hubby looking over the door!

I'm 5' tall, hubby is 6'2". He calls it my "booger" door. My friends tell me they're jealous of my "Hobbit" door, and that I should make it more rounded so it would definitely be more "Hobbit-like". :)

All of the wood inside this 1/2 bath is reclaimed wood from here in the schoolhouse, or from the church. The wainscoting was formerly the baseboards here in the schoolhouse, the baseboard trim will be some kind of (matching) trim I found in the church basement that was piled in a closet, and the door and its trim are from that same closet in the church. That closet was an add-on and the walls were poorly done, so losing it won't be a big deal (not with a total of 5800 sq ft over there!)

The sheetrock will be completed tomorrow, as will the baseboard trim. Then, I will finish painting the medicine cabinet (which is an old one that had some rust on it that I got at an auction for $1!!), install it, then the work begins on the wall murals. The only other furnishings I need in there is a little cabinet for the toilet paper.

Oh, speaking of which, the toilet roll holder is from one of the church bathrooms. I also took a very old-timey one out of the outhouse (now chicken house) out back, which I will use as a hand towel holder.

Once it's all finished I will then do a pyrography (woodburning) design on the outside of the door. (Each of the doors will have a different design burned into it). The 1/2 bath is on the east wall of the kitchen, and the kitchen will be done in "sunflowers", and the 1/2 bath will be a woodland scene that will have dragons hiding in the woods. So the design on the door had to incorporate both. This is the basic design I will be working from for the door's pyrography design:

She's going to look so cool on my little door!

To say I'm having fun finding weird things to put in this tiny (27" x 65") bathroom would be an understatement!

So keep checking back. I promise to be a bit more diligent in sharing what we're doing - we just haven't really done much worth "showing off" for quite some time!

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