Monday, May 12, 2014

Galinor's Garden

Galinor's Garden
Not sure if anyone ever noticed my 5' tall concrete dragon that can be seen in previous posts standing next to the front steps. Well, we moved him out to the center(ish) of the yard and I built a garden box around him and planted flowers. LOL He stood out there for a couple of months all by himself, looking a bit ridiculous, but always there greeting the rising sun each morning.

Well, on Saturday I finally built the box, filled it with soil, and planted the flowerbed with lots of different flowers & bushes; 3 Black Gold Lily, 1 Midnight German Iris, 1 Midnight Rose Coral Bells, 3 Mystery Night Lily, 1 Onyx Odyssey Double Hellebore, 5 Rose Fountain Grass, 5 Sweet Lavender, 1 BLueberry bush, 1 Blackberry bush, 2 Sage bush. The Lavender didn't look so good when it arrived, and if it doesn't pull out of it, I'll have to return them for replacements. Oh, and I also planted 5 Ginger Roots that had begun sprouting.

So, here's Galinor with his garden. His hands are cupped in such a way that I can put a post with a sign through them, just not sure what I want the sign to say yet. LOL plus, I would have to really seal it in well, considering the intense winds we get here!

Galinor's Garden from the front. The Lilies, Ginger, Sage, Hellebore, and Coral Bells are in the front half of the box.

Galinor's view toward the sunrise. In the back corners of the box are the Blueberry & Blackberry bushes.

It will be great watching the flower box fill in over time. The box's sides are built from one set of the door sills from the church building. Hubby was going to throw them out!

I. Don't. Think. So. :D

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