Monday, May 12, 2014

Meet the New Members of the Family

Meet the New Members of the Family
A few weeks ago I got a couple of baby Nubian goats. A little black & tan doeling, her name is Khloe. And a wethered buckling named Khnum. OMG! If I'd known goats were so sweet and lovable, I would've had them years ago!

Khnum is exactly 2 weeks older than Khloe. He was born on April 4, 2014, and she was born on April 18, 2014. They have a pen we keep them in on warm days, but at night and on cold days they're in the shop office (which used to be the church nursery - very appropriate). Today is cold & rainy so they're inside. I've been working on their house, but I really suck at building, so it's taking longer than I'd planned. But it will get done, and they'll then be outside all the time, and I can begin turning that room into the shop office.

So here are Khloe & Khnum.

They're favorite hang-out spot - by the gate waiting for me to come feed them! :)

On their first day out, introducing themselves to their pen and finding the Lilac bushes. Couldn't go around, had to get tangled up inside them! LOL

My sweet Khnum.

My beautiful Khloe, chewing straw, hanging out in a makeshift shade box - a re-purposed woofer box found dumped in the church building. :)

Khloe's favorite spot to sit - on my lap!

Either late October or next March, I will have Khloe bred. If she has a doeling, I will keep her, and if a buckling I will sell him. I'm not sure if I'll like goat's milk to drink, if I do, great, if not, no big deal. I will use the goat's milk for Goat's Milk soaps. Can't have too many sideline income generating ideas!

We found a better home (with lots of acres to play, woods, and creeks - just like in KY) for Ahri & Preacher (broke my heart to let them go), but now I have the goats to help fill that void. They're definitely much more affectionate, and capable of generating some income to offset any upkeep (a preference of hubby's).  :)

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