Monday, June 30, 2014

Drinks All-Around! WE...HAVE...WALLS!

Drinks All-Around! WE...HAVE...WALLS!
Yes, folks, we DO have walls! The bathroom walls and (almost) 12' high ceiling have been sheetrocked! I cannot believe it! (My arms and shoulders can, from putting in all those screws!)

So here are the pics of the completed installation, next I'll do the mudding & taping and the floors.

This is the "Toilet Room". The floor will be red (like the tub base), and the walls will be wainscoting, painted black with white upper walls & ceiling. There will be saloon doors at the Toilet Room entrance, so some privacy will be afforded. ;)

 The facing wall is where the cast iron & porcelain sink will be. The bottom of it is also painted red like the bottom of the tub. Black wainscoting on the lower portion of the walls and white above. The floor in this area will be black marine carpeting.

The tub area will be divided off by ceiling to floor red draperies. The black 4' high wainscoting will continue around this area also, and the white upper walls & ceiling. The floor will be re-painted a whiter white (the sealer we put on it yellowed it, so that needs to be stripped off).

But before we get to too much of the "decorative" part of this, we'll be putting up the sheetrock in the other part of the house first. We'll also be enclosing 1/2 of the basement to make a guest apartment.

So that's where we're at for the moment. But OH does it feel GOOD! :)

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