Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Few Updates

A Few Updates
We've been working hard at getting things done around here before my family arrives in 24 days. Last week it was over a hundred and very uncomfortable at night as well. The a/c unit isn't working, something about the sensor not doing what it's supposed to. So we're waiting for the a/c guy to come see what's wrong. Hopefully he can fix it before everyone gets here!

We got the bathroom floor pieced together and almost finished with the wood sealer to seal up some of the gaps. Since that part is being covered with marine carpeting, it doesn't have to be super perfect, just not too lumpy or it will show through the carpeting.

Hubby came up with the coolest get-up for the sink's pipes. It's all together now in one piece, so now all I have to do is paint it. I'll be working on that today.

Before it was cleaned up, faucet attached, and wainscoting on the wall behind it. Time to paint it! :)

Another set of projects are chairs. There were several old chrome & vinyl chairs here when we went through the pile of junk dropped here over the last 30 years. We (or I should say I) saved them and need to get them cleaned up, stripped down to the chrome frames and then recover the seats & backs. Otherwise seating around here will be at a minimum! :)

Here's the first one I'm going to work on.

Also, in other news...we were adopted by a very pretty little Calico kitty. We named her Sonya...and she's pregnant. We've had her for about a month now, and today, as I'm sitting here, she's very restless, letting out little cries every now and then, and I'm thinking we're about to have our family enlarged - again. :)

Pretty Miss Sonya Kitty

So that's it for the moment. I'll fill in more in a few days. Thanks for stopping by! :D