Sunday, October 12, 2014

Moving Along a Little at a Time

Moving Along a Little at a Time
The family visit was great! We didn't get the room cordoned off downstairs or loft or the bunk room completed as planned, but it didn't matter anyway. :) Everyone just basically camped out on the mattresses we'd bought, so everyone was comfy...well, except for hubby! LOL He gave up his side of the bed to my sister and slept on a fold-up roll-away bed downstairs with 3 of the dogs. My Hoodoo slept on the bed between my sister and I because he would not have cooperated downstairs.

Here is the family picture we took on the church steps. I had sooo wanted our Dad here as well so he could be sitting on the top step, but that just wasn't to be. But we did get everyone else. Yaaay! :)

My AWESOME family!
Su, Me
Ronan, Devon, DJ I

So, now to show the progress we have up to that point. We haven't done anything since as hubby is working to get the shop ready for "opening day", which is this Wednesday (10/15).

This is looking in from the front door. Behind the TV is a huge wardrobe that will be our closet. There will be an 8' tall wall between the two that will be open 3' from the window wall and about 6' on the other end. This will allow the room to still feel open, but give privacy for the bedroom.

This is looking back at the front door. You can see the cross-supports and beginning studs for the loft, which will encompass the area above the entry and sleep 2 people. The other door you see is the door to the bunk room, where there will be 2 bunks for more sleeping room.

This (obviously) is the bedroom. We had a special surprise for Amanda - a new bed! The surprise was on us...she hated it and refused to go in it. So for a week she moped around the house trying to find a place to rest. We finally returned the pen...Hoodoo & Gris-Gris weren't happy as they'd taken it for themselves. LOL

This is looking from what will later be the end of the wall over toward the door to the stairway to the basement (and future apartment). The desk will go to the shop and that area will be enclosed. It will still be where the computer is, but it will be turned to the right with bookshelves to the left. There will be a divider wall between the desk area and the laundry closet.

A (blurred but) better view of the desk and laundry areas. Oh and note that Amanda's pen is now gone. :D

Since these pictures were taken we have finally gotten curtains up on the big windows, and while our power bill has always been much lower than expected, the curtains have improved it by another 30%! It's not bad when you can heat & cool a 1200 square foot house for less than $100 a month!

 We did get a fairly good start on the bathroom. Hubby calls the tub my "Dr. Seuss Tub". So, with that in mind, we have decided to have a little fun with the bathroom!

 As you can see the wainscoting is black (this is only the first coat, there will be 3 or 4 coats by the time I'm done). The floor under the tub is white, the floor in the main section, and under the sink is black, and in the toilet room it is red. There will be a shelf around the top of the wainscoting. It will be red and there will be white corbel supports underneath all the way around, as well as white battens set vertically about every 8" - 10" all around the wainscoting. I can't wait for the final "look" to come together!

Before the sink was put in and the toilet but back in place. Looks kind of "odd" right now, but when it's completed it will be sooo cool!

The base of the sink is the main focal point of the entire room. It is a mix of plumbing parts all put together in a Dr. Seuss-style conglomeration. I had sooo much fun painting it!

Cell phones don't take the best pics, and the lighting in the room wasn't the best, but I think you get the idea! :D

So that's what we've gotten done so far. We're about to get moving on it some more very soon, so I will share more at that time.

Until then, blessings to you and yours in the coming holiday season!