Here I will post the majority of the pictures as we progress in our project.

The following pictures are the ones sent to us when we first found it online.

The church:

Taken shortly after the (former Lutheran) church was completed, sometime in the 1930's.

The church today.

LOVE the front doors!

My very own bell tower!

Basement hall.

Church hall kitchen

Isn't this the coolest door ever?! LOVE the shape!

The sanctuary - huuuggggge!

Choir loft...have I got plans for that space!

Boarded up window, but you can still see how cool its shape is (like the door above)!

 The new roof on the church:

The old roof being torn off.

The finished roof. Wow! It looks great!

The one room schoolhouse:

Taken shortly after the schoolhouse was completed, sometime in the 1940's. 

The schoolhouse today.

One owner died while renovating this building, so it has sat, as is for over 10 years.

Check out that awesome light!

Tin ceilings!

The basement.

Those are some solid oak beams! Wow!

And this lovely building....is our very own "brick shit house" - yes, folks this used to be an outhouse! But now it will be a new home for my Banties.

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