I like to take weekly pictures for the first year I move any place. So, here I will present the pics for this year. I'm sure it will be a busy one with LOTS of activity and improvements!

I'll start the pics with sunrise of our first day here!


WEEK 1 - 3/10/2013:

This pile of junk is only some of what was downstairs. The old refrigerator might've worked, but we weren't going to find out. No amount of sterilization process would've ever got us to use that thing! LOL

This is looking out toward the soon-to-be pasture. I did find an old rusty very small wheelbarrow, which I will paint up really pretty and put pretty flowers in.

This dead tree we seriously considered painting with glow-in-the-dark paint, so it would scare the crap out of people driving by at night! myahhhahhh!

This tree has become the center of the driveway circle. The 4 gargoyles surround it just as they did Czar's Memorial Pink Dogwood in KY. Not sure what kind of tree it is yet, but I also planted the Daylilies bulbs around it, as well as some other Lily bulbs I transplanted from the soon-to-be dog yard.

The driveway to the road. It's a dirt driveway, and a dirt road, but hey, we're in middle of the Prairie and crop fields, so who cares?! The tree to the right of the driveway will be our outside Christmas tree! (Yes, another sunrise - I love to watch the sun rise!)

The corner of the church and part of the windbreak. The windbreak is all Juniper trees, and a few Elms here and there.

WEEK 2 - 3/19/2013:

 Wow, does this look like shit! LOL Sooo much work done, and it hasn't even put a dent in it all!

Bigger pile of junk, but nothing really new yet - but soon will be!

We know there's a view there somewhere, we just have to find it! LOL

Spooky Tree is still gracing our view - but like everything else "in the way", it's gotta go!

These trees will soon be replaced by a new well! Woohoo, water! :)

Well, at least the church's new roof looks good! My Curly Willow cuttings are in the planters and will soon be planted around the property (one in particular will go in the Pet Cemetery in the pasture).

WEEK 3 - 3/27/2013:

 Hot damn! Things are beginning to take shape around here! A difference already.

I'd say all that cleared-out junk, dead brush & trees, and new view sure are making a difference.

The burn pit is on the left, which is where everything that could burn was thrown in. Certainly saves on the cost of the dump!

The burn pit was burning and kept being filled for almost a week. The bird feeder by the tree was an old cast iron ashtray. I painted it up and put it out so I can begin drawing the birds down. The windchimes sound beautiful in the wind - and there's always wind!

The front of the church has all of those trees cleared out. The Junipers left there are twisted and bent and so interesting looking that we had them left in place, but trimmed to look better.
WEEK 4 - 4/3/2013:

Wow, what a difference! No more overgrown bushes, no more junk pile! Now to just get all of our things inside and downstairs.

This is the dogs' side yard (this side of the pole) and my garden area (other side of the propane tank on over to the windbreak).


Finally, a view!

Burn pit is buried, and the well is dug, and we have a view that goes on for miles! LOVE IT!

In May the fence for the dogs was finally completed. That sure made thing a lot easier, and the dogs love all that play room!

The horse fence went up in June, and Ahri & Preacher joined us the day it was completed.

I painted a creek-bed mural on the floor of my half-bath. The walls will be painted with a woodland & flower mural.

I painted the part of the floor that we placed the tub on in the big bathroom. Doesn't it look great?! Ahhhh, a bath. A real bath! It was heaven after 6 1/2 months using the hose out back or sponge bathing in the kitchen sink! LOL

Here's the main room, looking from the back stairway toward the front door.

This is from the kitchen toward the bedroom on the back (south) wall.

This is my 1/2 bath with the sink in and 3 of the walls up.

Looking from the front door toward the big bathroom.

The kitchen before the stove was installed.

This is the toilet room. The sink will be on the left, outside of the toilet room. The laundry room will be on the other side of the wall where the sink will hang.

The tub area of the big bathroom.

Propane line going in. The trench was about 110' long and 2' deep!

Finally! The propane is hooked up and the stove is in, 8 months after getting here! Yaaay!

 The duct work for the heat/ac comes up alongside the chimney. We'll encompass all of it into one architectural structure, and have a kitchen bar coming off of it where the table now sits.


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