We didn't really get much done over the winter, as planned. "Retired" can kind of get out of hand! LOL But once we started getting some nicer weather here & there, we started getting a few things done every now & then.

We found a beautiful hutch for the kitchen that fits perfectly between the window & the fridge.

This was just after we got it in place, so still was unfilled. To the right of the fridge will be the broom closet.

This little Hoosier cabinet is the first one I've ever owned. It is so cute, and it fits perfectly in front of the chimney & a/c/heat duct (which will eventually all be enclosed together - unless I can convince hubby that the exposed brick is actually very cool looking).

Here is a view of the placement of each of the 2 pieces. They compliment each other nicely, I think.

View from the kitchen out into the living area. The central dividing wall isn't up yet, but the relative furniture placement is exactly where it will be - except the tall wardrobe on the right which will be our "closet" and will go where the desk is currently (can't see it here).

View from the bedroom back toward the kitchen. The dividing wall will be about where the dresser with the TV is sitting right now. The dresser will be given away, and the TV will hang on the wall. 

This is the wardrobe that will be our closet. It will be moved to the left, on the other side of the washer & dryer (which will be enclosed in a closet). I got this beauty at an auction for $32.50!!! The wood's patina, the stile, etc. are a perfect match for the doors in the house. Awesome find! (Nici says, "Go away with that camera!" LOL)

 My climbing Roses in their pretty new boxes.

Close-up of one of the Rose flower boxes.

 Galinor and his garden.

"Hoxie Machine" getting set up in the church building.

 "Toilet Room"

 Sink wall.

 Tub (duh! LOL)

Ok, I'm sure you know what this is! ;)

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