Meet the Family

I thought I'd introduce everyone:

Hubby & me:

Our wedding picture 10/31/2003
(He's 6'2" and I'm 5')

 Whoa! That's a big ass! LOL 10/31/2007

Hubby trying to prove how strong he is! 10/31/2007
(We had a fun 4th anniversary!)

Me riding "Bubba" - until hubby got on and realized what a rickety old tractor it was! Center of balance was way off and waaaayyyy scary to ride on hills! But it was fun riding him at least for the one time. 9/16/2008

Hubby calls me "Cousin It" 6/22/2007

Meet my hubby:

Making fun of me taking his picture after stopping for gas while coming back from Odessa, TX - that's what he gets for giving me an awesome camera! 6/6/2007 gorgeous hunk o' man! 6/6/2007
Married almost 9 years now, and he still floats my boat! :)

In the kitchen (he's the cook around here) 12/7/2008

The dogs:

Sleeping in a pile, their favorite thing!
Hoodoo, Gris-Gris, Ve'Ve' and JuJu with hubby, taking a nap on the couch. 4/29/2011

The bird:

Nici doing her "crazier than a shit house rat" look - she doesn't like cameras in her face! LOL 4/19/2012

Nici was just over a year old here, but she had already learned that she loves ice cream and will do what ever she can to get it. 2/26/2007

The pig:

 Miss Amanda! 9/25/2012

 Amanda showing us her tricks! 9/28/2012
(She can't do that any more! LOL)

 Amanda really hates snow! 1/31/2014

This is Amanda's favorite place to be when it's cold outside! 2/18/2014

The rabbit:

Meet Cinna-Bunny! 3/17/2013

"I'm too tool for you!" Cinna-Bunny in his house - a ceramic jar that he can't chew up! LOL 1/3/2014

"Secret Agent Cinna-Bunny"! He has boxes to chew up, and this is what he does as he's working on them. LOL 5/2/2014

The goats:

 Chloe hangin' out in the shade chewing straw. :) 5/2/2014

Willie Wonka, my sweet little buckling. 5/2/2014

At the gate begging Mommy to come "feeeeed me!".

Miss Sonya Kitty

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